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Exact Steps to Take When Your Car Gets Hail Damaged – With or Without Comprehensive Insurance.

When you have comprehensive insurance

Call your insurance agent to report the hail damage.

Your insurance company will provide you with an adjuster who will look at your vehicle to estimate the costs of its hail damage.  You DO NOT need to take your car around getting estimates.  That is how it worked years ago but not anymore.

Have your hail repairs estimated by your insurance company.

You will likely need to take your car to a central location (determined by your insurance company) like a grocery store parking lot or the parking lot of a large body shop to have your car adjusted. If you get your car adjusted at a body shop they might try to steer you to that body shop, but you may take your car wherever you like.

Your adjuster will provide you with some paperwork that breaks down the repairs needed and a check that has your repair amount minus your comprehensive deductible.  Usually your adjuster will advise you that a supplement might be needed and to have your repair shop call them for more money if the repairs cost more.

Get estimates from your preferred hail repair shops.

Now that you have your insurance adjustment and your insurance check, you can negotiate with the hail repair shops. Dent Biz will write your estimate and provide a breakdown of the cost of the repairs. At this point, there may be a difference in the adjusters estimate and the hail repair shop’s estimate. This is not uncommon – sometimes it’s just part of the process. If you choose Dent Biz to be your hail repair company, we can file a supplemental claim and work with your insurance company to iron out the differences.

When you don’t have comprehensive insurance

Usually the best way to get your hail damaged car fixed when you don’t have insurance is to wait a 4-6 months.  By then, the repair shops won’t be swamped with hail repair work and will likely take on a repair for a big discount.

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