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Why pay a deductible on hail damage?

You don’t need to pay your full deductible when repairing hail damage.  Find the shop of your choice and negotiate.  If you take your car in to a body shop and they would like you to pay your deductible, walk away and look for a better option. There are a few of exceptions to this rule:

1 You will most likely pay some of your deductible when your comprehensive deductible is $1000 because that is a big chunk to waive for any shop.

2When your hail damage is very light it becomes difficult to waive your deductible. Waiving a $500 deductible on a car with $700 in damage just doesn’t make sense.

3When your car is destroyed with hail and needs lots of replaced panels and paint, your body shop might not have much room to work with you on your deductible. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

So, don’t be steered to your insurance company’s preferred shop and find a trustworthy shop that will help you with your deductible. Your insurance company might try to convince you that your hail repairs will not be guaranteed if you don’t go to their shop. That is just nonsense. Any reputable shop will stand behind its work or it won’t stay in business long! Call Dent Biz now for a quote on your hail damage.

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