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Why PDR paintless dent repair doesn’t affect your car’s paint.

How your car’s paint is preserved with PDR.

The key to paintless dent repair is knowing exactly where to push on the backside of the sheet metal.  When a seasoned PDR technician removes a dent on your vehicle, he doesn’t just bend the dent back with a few pushes.  Because he knows exactly where he is pushing, he is able to push hundreds of times very close together until the dent disappears.  Bending the dent out by pushing many times, close together, preserves your cars paint!  We never  push hard in only one spot.

And when there is a sharp center to the dent we removing, we knock he edges down with a Knockdown to make the dent more gradual.  PDR is our specialty at Dent Biz.  Please call us to get a better feel for your situation.

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