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PDR from start to finish in three and a half minutes

Check out our 60 second PDR demonstration video

This video is a quick start to finish demonstration of how PDR works – by using specially designed tools to patiently bend the sheet metal of the car back to its original shape. This particular car is a Honda Pilot that took a hail beating in the Hail Storm of April 3rd, 2012.

At the 0:07 mark you can see the hail dent at the top of the door panel about 3″ from the front of the door. We use a specially designed LED light to guide our tool and deliberately bend the metal out, being careful not to bend it too much and crack the paint.

For this particular dent, we bend the metal several hundred times to return it to it’s original shape. At the 0:51 mark (compressed time – the actual time is 3:30), the dent is completely gone – not even visible under our LED lights!

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