How Much Does PDR Cost?

Cost to Repair Door Dings, Shopping Cart Dents, Parking Lot Dents, and Other Minor Auto Dents

  • $75 average cost for car door dings, depending on dent size, location, type of car, and dent’s depth.
  • We offer huge discounts for multiple dents. Your second, third, and forth dents get progressively cheaper.
  • Larger unexplained minor dents average removal price is probably $125 but many dents are far cheaper. Many dents are less than $100.

Auto Hail Repair Cost

  • $500-$7000 depending on how many panels, dents, and type of car. Dent size and depth also determines price.
  • $2500 average price if we had to give an average but we see many repair prices much lower and many higher. There is a large variance in each hail damaged vehicle.
With hail storm auto damage, over the phone quotes are a little tricky.  Your car’s hail damage varies depending on where it was parked when it was hailing.  Many hail repairs go for less than $1000 but there are many too that are over $5000! If we had to give you an average price for hail damage it would be $2500. Of course we see many cars far below that figure and many far above.  Price is determined, panel by panel, by the number and size of dents.   Please call so we can get a better feel for your situation.
Over the phone quotes take a little probing to get an idea on price.  With enough questions, we can narrow it down to give you an phone estimate.   The typical phone call to our PDR shop goes something like this.  “Hi, I have a dent in my car.  How much will it cost to remove it?”  Well, there are a few questions that will help give us narrow it down.
  • What type of car do you have?
  • What caused your dent or dents?
  • Where specifically is the dent located?


One thing is for certain.  Paintless dent repair is much cheaper and faster than having your car painted because we don’t need to fill, sand, and paint your car.  Give us a call!


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