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What is Paintless Dent Repair? There is no secret.

Paintless Dent Repair is simply bending your car’s sheet metal back to its original shape by pushing very delicately on the backside of the panel. Imagine pushing on the back of the sheet metal with a metal tool, say a screw driver. You might crack the paint before you realize exactly where you are pushing. We are able to fix your dents without messing up your paint because we use special LED and fluorescent lights that guide us and give us the ability to see exactly where to push. We also use specially designed tools that help with the dent removal process by fitting into the cracks and crevices of your auto panel bracing. Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is an art. Not everybody can remove dents successfully. It is a very delicate process that takes years of experience and much patience.

Paintless dent repair is superior to conventional body work in two important ways:

  • Quality. PDR removes your car dents without paint, and without body work – no mismatched paint, no over spray, no wavy body work, and no paint bubbles.
  • Price. PDR is less expensive and faster than conventional paint and body work – you get your car back faster, and it’s cheaper.

Watch our 60 second PDR demonstration video:

How is it possible that dents can be removed with metal tools?

Most minor dents are much smaller than even you realize. They appear much bigger and deeper because your paint is shiny. The light reflection of your car’s shiny surface reflects light and that light reflection makes your dent look much larger. So we can bend the dent back because it isn’t that big to begin with.

Should I try it myself?

Many of our customers have tried to remove their dents themselves, usually with results that make their dents non repairable. Some have tried and stopped short of messing up the sheet metal too badly. (These are future dent experts!) I would not recommend trying it yourself. Many trainees take weeks before they can even remove the smallest dent successfully.

I have seen ads on TV where we stick glue to to a dent and pull it out. Does this work?

Yes, but only on very minor dents and only when you know what you are doing. The dents they show on TV are just too large and cannot be pulled out with glue tabs. We use glue tabs to remove very minor dents located on hard to access areas. However, dents just don’t pop out. Every dent is different. I have had many customers over the years who have tried this glue tab technique themselves and messed up their dents beyond repair.

Can I remove my dents with dry ice?

If dry ice removed your dents successfully wouldn’t insurance companies endorse it? They all endorse paintless dent repair because it works. Dry ice dent removal is a 20 year myth. It just doesn’t work no matter how many videos there are on the internet. Dents have too many shapes and depths for dents to magically disappear with any method. There is no magic. We bend the sheet metal back to its original shape using metal tools and glue tabs.

Dent Biz would love the opportunity to earn your Paintless Dent Repair business, so give us a call and we’ll help you understand what can be done based on your situation.

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