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Did Your Insurance Company Lowball Your Hail Repair Estimate?

Don’t Worry – It’s Just Part of the Process

We see it all the time – insurance estimates that don’t come close to covering the costs of repairing your car’s hail damage. Probably over half of the cars we see have been adjusted too low. Many insurance companies lowball your hail estimate on purpose. They like to error on the low side. They will tell you to have your body shop file for a supplement it your estimate is too low. We realize this makes it difficult for you. There are other possible reasons for your lowball estimate.

1 The lighting conditions were less than ideal when the adjuster made the estimate.  In direct sunlight, hail dents are harder to spot, and appear smaller than the really are.   Couple that with the chaos and pressure after a hail storm, and the adjusters may not have time to give your car a thorough estimate.

2 Many people collect their insurance check and decide not to get their car fixed.   It makes sense for your insurance company to error on the low side with respect to  these customers.  Your insurance company will pay the proper amount needed  when you take your car in to get to get your dents removed.

In either case, Dent Biz will go over any differences with you, and file the necessary supplement paperwork so that so you can have your dents completely removed.

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