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Why it Pays to File a Hail Damage Insurance Claim – Even with Minimal Damage

Three Reasons to File a Hail Damage Claim on Your Car


Hail Damage claims do not raise your insurance premiums.  Your insurance premium is already elevated, spread out among everyone in a city that is prone to damaging hail storms.  So, if you live in Austin, Texas, your insurance premiums are already higher because your vehicle will get hail damage sooner or later!  Insurance companies don’t penalize you, individually, for being one of the unlucky ones to get hail damage.

2 You might leave money on the table. Even if you don’t fix your car, you might as well take whatever insurance money you can get, after your deductible, to help compensate you for the money you will lose when you eventually sell your car.

3 You can decide to have your car partially repaired with the money you received.  Maybe you only want the hood fixed, or you decide the extended roof on your SUV doesn’t need repairs.  You can negotiate with your dent repair company with the money you did receive.

So, even with minimal damage, call Dent Biz so we can guide you throught the process.

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