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Should you call your insurance agent? Yes! Then call your Auto Hail Repair Specialist for the other side of the story.

After the hail storm that slammed St. Louis and Louisville on April 28th, you can imagine that the insurance companies are pulling out all the stops in trying to minimize the impact to their bottom line. We’ve already discussed why it pays to file a claim, even when your damage is minimal, and the possibility that your insurance company may low-ball your hail repair estimate, but when we read this article, we decided that the whole story of Auto Hail Damage insurance claims needs to be told.

That’s a big hit to your pocket book, but at what point is it worth calling your insurance agent? – Kasey Joyce ,

Our answer? It’s almost always worth it to call your insurance agent. But don’t stop there – they only give you part of the story… The article continues.

“It depends on what your deductible is,” said Missouri Department of Insurance director John Huff. “If you have a small amount of damage and a high deductible, you’ll want to pay that out of pocket. If the damage is right near your deductible, then you might want to consider not having a claims history and just paying for it.”

The real question here is who actually determines what the real cost to repair your hail damage is. Is it the state department of insurance director? Heck no. Is it your insurance adjuster? Sometimes, but often not. Insurance companies have a vested interest in keeping borderline cases below the deductible. If you think your damage costs are actually below your deductible, you might be reluctant to have the repairs done at all.

But if you take your car to a hail repair specialist who can accurately assess the cost of your repairs, you may find out that your insurance company owes you some money – even if you never have the repairs done! And remember that hail damage claims do not raise your insurance premiums.

So take your car to your auto hail repair specialist and get the whole story on your car’s hail damage repair costs!

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