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The Cinco de Mayo Storm

Mayfest is a celebration held each year in downtown Fort Worth where local artists display their crafts, and an estimated 10,000 people were crowded in around Trinity Park.   About 6:30, a Supercell thunderstorm formed to the west over Parker County and began to head due east.  Reports of baseball sized hail started coming in, but there was no way to warn the Mayfest crowd what was coming.

Parents cowered over their children as fist size stones propelled at 80 mph hit them in the backs, necks, heads, and arms causing three inch welts. Other parents became separated from their children in the melee. Miraculously, no one was killed by the hail. Most people escaped to their cars for shelter. However, hail shattered the car windows and persons inside were showered with glass shards along with the hail. – Tim Marshall ,

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